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From Everywhere to Everywhere


In the Christian Church, mission is from ‘Everywhere to Everywhere’. We have all received God’s riches and out of those riches we all share across the continents of the world. We are seeking to build up close links with Mission Partners.

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 In Harlow: we partner with MRCT in Harlow Foodbank and the Maybury Open Door Drop-In at St Paul’s. You can find out more about them by clicking here. Harlow Foodbank is in St Paul's from 11am - 2pm Mondays to Fridays. (For Wednesdays at the Salvation Army, and for Matching Tye, please click here.) Please call at the Terrace Door on the College Square side of St Paul's. Don't forget that you will need to have received a Foodbank Voucher beforehand,

Our vision is not only to have personal links with Mission Partners but also to visit them, partner with them in mission (overseas and in the UK) and to receive visits as well.

Present links include...

Portia Konadu Yiadom serving with Crosslinks in Athens. You can find out more about Alicia by clicking here. 

 Portia Yiadom

 The Gike Higher Primary School in Gulbarga, India. You can see a slide show of the school and Martin's visit to dedicate a new build in July 2018 by clicking below.


Here in Harlow we take an active part in Heart4Harlow, Church and Community working in partnership together. You can visit the Heart4Harlow website by clicking here.

We are part of the Anglican Diocese of Chelmsford. You can visit the Diocesan website by clicking here.