You can download our flyer for Fix the Felt, for renewing the felt on the low flat roofs at St Paul's, by clicking here. Martin also writes:

Dear Friends
As you know, we have been working towards the renewal of St. Paul’s buildings for some time now. Peter Tottman, our Project Manager, is working hard to secure grant funding for the major developments in our vision.
As Peter reported at our annual meeting, this means some of the works are not imminent though we are fast tracking as much as possible. Some work though is increasingly urgent.
In particular, the low-level roofing of St. Paul’s (covering the main church side aisles and rear, as well as the Chapel nave, Emmaus Room and Vestry) is now in a critical state, and in urgent need of refurbishment.
We have taken the decision to press ahead with this work, ahead of the major grant funding we are seeking, so that we can halt the deterioration of the internal fabric, and then proceed with rewiring where circuits have failed. This will then help prepare the way for the remaining re-wiring, the re-lighting and the decoration.
We are seeking the most cost-efficient solution, and have established that we will need c. £20,000 to re-felt these roof areas and make them watertight.
Whilst this is a significant amount of money, I am confident that between us, we can meet this need. For example, if 40 people were able to pledge £40 a month for a year we would be very close to our target.  Together, and by God’s grace, we can achieve this.
Of course, everyone’s circumstances are different. Every pledge, whatever the amount, is a love gift to the Lord and will be received with gratitude.
May I commend the attached leaflet to you, which gives some more information.  Please consider it and your response prayerfully, and use the form on the back if you would like to help fund these repairs.
Yours, in the Lord,